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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Back to Normal

yippie, my face black black freckles dropped off liao. So now back to normal...no more big patch of dark spots! yahooo....and find that those pigmented area lighter a bit compare to last time. this round the LHE treatment increase power and more came out. good good! 1 more time to go and see if will get even lighter. i think need to increase even more power ... wahhh will be suffer. pain pain... but no choice lor. wan leng leng don wan meng (life). And also thanks to EB helps to reduce my fine lines around my eyes area! my eyes dark circles lighter and lesser fine lines leh. What I can see lah. It can be better...may be I used wrongly or the products not powerful enough or need longer period to see much better result :D ....also need to sleep on time regularly and sleep more!!! I am trying HARD lah. Time to do detox...but with detox I can't exercise which I cant skip. how leh??
Tonight going for King Crab!! can't wait :p