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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Cleared BS in FF

Phew...relief now. I was too nervous for clearance last night but at last it is over! yay! Glad that I made it. Cleared to teach but just do for replacement la. Still got many to be improved and assessment again in 2-3 months down the road to get a permanent class. But it is good enough lor. I don't expect to have permanent class due to my working tight schedule. Just do for replacement classes for time being will do.
Before the class starts I was too nervous till I gotta tell myself deep breath in and out and calm down. When on stage and see lots of members prepared their board and looking at me like stranger doesn't help at all! Well, I am trying to be cool and do what I can do. Luckily I am used to be on stage but not that infront of so many people and new faces. In my heart I just say die die go for it la! don't care liao. Once music starts I am concentrating of doing it and want it be a good class. So forget about others including am doing assessment! kakaka...the members are good leh...so regular and they are supportive. Thanks to them help me through out the class. I was so relief when the class ended!
Still many things to do even after the clearance. Will try my best to be a better BS instructor. Thanks for the clearance chance and comments. I'll work on it.