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Friday, December 26, 2008


When talk about festive season will never lack of eat. yeah been eating so much especially for xmas season yoh. Lets see how I celebrated xmas this year.
#1: Turkey lunch with colleagues @ Finnegan's Pub & Restaurant, Mid Valley 19 Dec 2008
We've been planning this lunch for long time and finding where can have turkey with reasonable price. Been to many places but didn't get one. mostly expensive. such as 1 turket 400-500RM each or per head count with a full course of meal @ 175-200RM. I saw Finnegan's selling turkey for takeaway and is at RM250++ each so try the luck to ask them whether can dine in. And lucky us they allow and the price still the same. So this is the cheapest we got and decided to have it. However the turkey not as good as you see. But to me Finnegan's still a pub and not a proper restaurant...so the service and food not really good.
 like my colleague said...tasteless bird :D
with boss and colleagues
more photos click here
#2: X'mas Eve House Party @ Leonard's aka CB aka E=LC2 aka mimi fancy 24 Dec 2008
Such a long day on xmas eve. Work then replace class then go straight to LC's house till 2am. I was fall asleep at the end of the party! imagine how tired I am. It was really fun + crazy night...most of them first time know but they all are fun people! I enjoyed the night very much although tired. We just had fast food (yah whole day having fast food...lunch McD...dinner KFC + pizza! + cakesssss)...side effect?? having now :( . As usual with LC sure cam whoring whole night...imagine just few hours took 400+ photos!?
 a group of crazie ppl...some not in the pic
like this...so warm and xmas feel...
Leonard's camera:
Jesse's camera:
#3: X'mas Dinner @ Jason's house 25 Dec 2008
with the gym buddies. I brought konyaku jelly. we had spaghetti, baked potatoes (but is not real baked), bosch soup, grilled lamb and jelly as dessert, ice creams, chocolates. So much of fattening food leh. Always after effect :D next year gotta be more hardworking!
At the end gone crazy took those funny pics...more photos click here.
The Curve xmas decor...nice