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Saturday, December 13, 2008


I got enough stress since the quarterly workshop. The workshop was just last saturday. And this time due to end of the year everything is rushed to push forward like the launches. I am not in the launch but I have to teach after the launch. So is very fast and stress for me. After quarterly I have classes on which you need to teach old tracks then I have no time and too tired to concentrate on new release. Sunday and Monday went classes. And tues is the first tuition, I don't even have time to practice and learn the choreo. I can't even put the choreo in my head this round. I am not sure why. How much I like the songs but I can't and it is just can't. I am stressed more when I can't do the moves correctly. I need to practice but no time for me. Most probably I don't have enough rest and mind too stress until I can't do all things right.
Besides need to learn Bodyjam I have another program to learn which is BodyStep. I am yet to watch the dvd at all! only last night learn my track for coming tuition and it is first step tuition in FF for me. Kind of stress as well. I always wanted myself to learn the whole thing and prepare in the tuition. So that i can concentrate on the technique. But this round I failed. Besides learning new release there are classes going on and have to learn the old tracks. This is the most difficult timing. I am stressed when everything comes at one time... wish I can put aside and not to think not to do.