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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Taken some food pics from my lunches which I wanted to share with you guys :D
Pan Mee @ Puchong (Opposite IOI mall those shop lots...next to Old Town Kopitiam)
Why this pan mee so special? I also donno. Friend asked go there lunch. First time there. Lots of ppl. The shop introduced by Ho Chiak before. Have to wait for seats during lunch time. Lucky not too long. Look at the menu while waiting for Nat arrives. Interesting menu. Mostly pan mee and different types of style. Feel like trying all but of course no lar. So just ordered the famous orginal soup type. Nat ordered chili dry one. But funny is I saw ppl there not eat pan mee but fried rice. hmmm may be they tried all types of pan mee n bored with it?
The shop's name - Golden Egg Noodle
The pan mee I ordered. Pumpkin noodle taste.
They have different types of noodle. Red one is chili one.
hehehe....ordered ABC also...hmmm late crave for ABC :p
Pudu Fei Chou Yu (African Fish) - near Pudu Plaza
Yesterday lunch with colleagues and 2 bosses. Planned just have fruits whole day but spoiled my plan. sigh... but still good I had fruits for breakfast and dinner :D so lunch just pamper myself lar :p wat a lousy reasons for a good food that I can't resist! But the food really nice wor. See what we had just for lunch hoh....
dang dang dang dang....7 peeps 6 dishes...all dishes are their specialty...all dishes are yummy
Deep fried with yummy sauce
2 types of sauce...garlic and black soy bean sauce
chicken drumstick x2
onion salted fish steam tauhu, vege
fried onion eggs