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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Busy Weekend Ahead

This weekend is a long weekend because Monday is holiday. But I will forsee to have busy busy weekend lor. Start on Saturday it is Les Mills quarterly workshop lor...Q4 last one for the year. so fast hoh. felt tat previous workshop just over. It will be whole day this round. Why? BS is at 1+pm and BJ is at 5+pm...have to stay super long time there!!! duh. After workshop as usual dinner and home with exhausted body lor. Next day, sunday have to be at gym early! 9:30am got BJ master class leh. must go. After that my own class. aiyoyo...so tired leh. Then at night is my friend's wedding dinner. On Monday is holiday suppose people will rest but I am not. I have back to back classes in afternoon. wahhahaa thats how my long weekend plan. Sure crazy tiring....how about yours?