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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

King Crab & Happy Hour

Last night suppose planned to go for happy hour only after work. But in the afternoon Nat told me plan changed. We go for dinner with her mum and niece and newphews. And dinner at King Crab wor...sure go la :p Long time no crabby and feel like having it also. I left work at 6pm but only reach at 7:15pm. Long traffic jam all the way from KL to Kelana! By the time I reached they all started eating liao...but lucky they left me some food and still got alot on the table! I was surprised 5 women adults including me and 3 kids can have 8 dishes! geng! But I like to have more dishes when a group of friends having together. It is enjoying having more varieties of food with nice people :) First time met Grace's son and daughter and mum. When I arrived they seem already full. OK cut short and show you guys some pics that I still managed to take lar...but before that I want to thank to Grace, Nat and Wendy invited me for the dinner. especially to Wendy buying all the time *hugs*
Indonesia/Jakarta Crab with sweet and sour sauce...very big big size and lots of meat. I was shocked knowing 1 piece RM120. We ordered 2 pieces :p
I can only see fish tail when I'm there....hahaha... I like fish especially steam one
ginger deer meat I think...this one not bad
 I think below is the snail meat...we call it "luo" in chinese
Lai Liu Har (a kind of prawn) but i donno what it calls in english. must cut the shell only able to eat the meat. fresh but the cooking style not tat nice.
fried salted egg squid. I like oh. especially with salted egg
There are few dishes already gone when I'm there so din manage to take pic la. But I ate it from what they reserved for me. First time to this restaurant. Din know their service so good. Help you cut away the prawn's shell, help you break the crab's shell, keep changing dirty plates etc. I think may be less people that time gua :D Special highlight from my colleague about this restaurant...must visit the toilet. if not u will regret!....u guys guess what so special with the toilet la kekeke ... I went and say "hmmmmm....ok"....
After dinner Nat said continue our plan for happy hour. finished dinner at 8pm and think still early then ok la. We were planned go to Cafe Flam but.....until I reached there only realized no longer has Cafe Flam lor!! so OUTDATED!!! okok admit la...long time no drinking is like this one la. what new what old clubs also donno liao. it changed to funny name as COCO BANANA...not nice. it seems this one took over most of the previous clubs there...including ex Q bar. But then when both of us step in one the the bar area....wah! so quiet one!! no one inside leh. alo...it is happy hour wor...why no people one? we were like...errrr ...shall we change other place? then step out and then go outside sofas area and still not many people! Fine...then we sat down at bar area which has no bar tender at all! we ordered one jug of beer cos still happy hour and is cheap. But then I feel like having cocktail then mar ask for cocktail menu. End up they gave me nonsense menu none of the listed names are cocktail menu! after they trying to dig out whatevere they have and pass me torn, old, lousy printed Bar Flam drink's menu! aiyerrrr so lousy! Later we want to order red wine and know what they told us? NO RED WINE...WHATEVER WINES ALSO DON'T HAVE!!! lousy!!! oh forget to mention the jug of beer said is Carlsberg but it tastes like shit...no taste at all and not like a beer also! Totally disappointed for this place and I just wish to home as early as I can.
Last night dinner was superb good but happy hour was superb lousy! ahahha so contrast. But I had free drinks so is ok la. Recently I just feel like get myself drunk and stop thinking and wish one day I can say whatever I wanted to say to someone for long long time....sob sob
Talk about food...I got a friend gave me this food and recipe website for me. Very good reference and wish one day I have time to cook the dishes. I wish to have a nice kitchen in my new house and enjoy cooking then :)...check out the site yah.
Recently I had too much food...get rounded liao :(( wah wah wah....must start diet again...no lunch no dinner. may be mood no good and depress by having food to cheer myself recently...uncontrollable. oh noooooo must control now....must must must!!! mind me be so self conscious k...I have to :S