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Friday, December 12, 2008

Not My Day

Today is really not my day. These few days seem everything not smooth and things happened badly on me. May be cause by exhausted over the weekend until no rest well, plus works, plus pressures to learn new release, whole person become emotional. I admit whenever I do not rest well I will be very emotional. Especially last night slept less than 4 hours. Today whole day like floating...can't even concentrate.
I was drag myself to work, late in work due to doing some banking stuffs need to be done by today. Usually I will do it much earlier but donno why this time last minute. Probably too busy and no mood of doing anything. Due to sleepless night, whole person became so dull for the day. Plus something happened even make my day gloomy. It happened unexpectedly. But I can't do anything if not given a chance to correct it. No matter what it is, things happened and accept it.
One bad thing not enough...once it happened it happened twice a day. Thought of going home early but the sky not giving me the chance. It rained during off work hour (or may be earlier which I don't notice). Until whole KL has an extremely bad traffic jam. I left before 6:30pm but reach home only abt 9pm. Think this is my longest traffice jam I had ever since working in KL. Another bad thing is my car's aircond giving me problem. It comes out hot air instead cold air. I have no choice just open windows without aircond and stucked in the jam for hours. Lucky a little it is rainy day and not that hot. At least some cool air from outside.
It was exhausted, emotional, gloomy day for me. I hope to have a break forget all these. May be is time to let go for now. I've been sleeping late lately, getting tired even worst than previous. Not in a mood lately. Physically and mentally worries cause all the problems.


zarrien08 said...

Hey hey hey Kak Shirlyn!! Cheer up!! the sky is not always dark. there's always things that will make u happy right?! Just think about ur happy moment ok!! hmmm.. meh I belanja u ice cream.. hehe.. nak tak?? nak tak?? i know u like Baskin Robin kan kan kan??!! :D

Leonora Halim said...

i know wut u need... *hugssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss*

Shirlyn said...

thanks to u both *huggssss*

now i will think everyone abandoned me n think I am bad or I did wrong. But lucky at least got u both stay with me. Appreciate very much!