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Thursday, June 16, 2005


I'm really annoyed on what my ex did to me last night. He kept sending me sms while I'm sleeping. Some more his msgs really made me mad. He said something that about I lied to him on the reason I want to break off. Said I got something hide behind me. He alwys think he is right and know the proof. WTF he think he is. Know so well about me and know everything from me? He is the person who always like to think something that it is not true. He keeps advice me and said if I don't change now then I'll regret....what is tat?????? What can I do to make him get off from me??!!!


Stephannie said...

come come beer with me this weekend let's beer away all the sorrows together! hehe

Shirlyn said...

okie okie...I'm waiting to beer with u...I just wait for you. lol