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Friday, June 24, 2005

Hard Body

I had a great workout just now. It was cardio dance class and got great dance and sweat alot. Today steps not hard and can work out body parts. I love dancing and wish can dance more =p Just before start it we had warm up by stretching body. I think I push too hard until over stretch my both inner thighs. Besides we did clap hand and may be clap too hard until left palm got bruise near to second finger. ouchh painful now....hopefully tomorrow not feel pain. I still gotta go gym one. I've been long time no join yoga or pilates class lar. Now whole body hard liao. Must force myself join back no matter how and must join body balance class too.

Arrrgghhh still got a lot clothes to wash now..sometimes lazy to go gym one of the reason is because gotta wash clothes =p Tired when think of tomorrow need to do a lot things and get some stuffs....sleepy already...will rest soon.