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Tuesday, June 14, 2005


At night went to Axis FF for gym. Before that called steph to arrange to bring her there who knows she told me she is not feeling well and cancelled. Then I just as usual go there ready to join Body Jam. Who knows I saw Steph walking towards me. Was surprised she is in FF and more surprised that she joined the club already. Am very surprised and happy to have new buddy go gym together. Although I get used to go gym alone but sometimes is good to have buddy chit chat around. Looking forward to go gym with steph.

Hee hee...some of my friends in FF said I slim down compare to last time. Yeah happy and will keep up the work. Met Kim as well and she hurt her back. I know that she had back problem for long. Hope she is fine and don't hurt her back again. Becareful when do the body and mind classes.

On my way home there is an accident at the exit to sri petaling caused traffic jam. It involved 3 cars probably. Then I go ta bao soup as my dinner.