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Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Went FF joined body jam by Jacqueline. And got a guest instructor from ShangHai (Forget what's her name). She is good and hot but not really like her much. Well tonite sweat a lot due to the aircond in the studio kena service. After gym met up Alex yam char. We had good chat and know him better. I do not really chat much with comm members except some always hang out.

OK today about my work got little progress. The program I did can run at my boss's laptop but not my pc. Don't know why my pc can't do the thing so have to test it with helping by my boss =p. I gotta add on something asap. So may be later will try to do a little work (provided my eyes still can open big big =>). Tomorrow morning gotta go to office earlier about 8am will reach. Now donno sleep early wake up early or sleep late wake up early??? I feel tired if I sleep less than 7 hours nowadays..sigh..sign of getting old ;) Can't hang out late liao.