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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Happy Father's Day

Nis early in the morning on Sunday. What am I doing here? I suppose not awake until 12 noon on Sunday??? Hehehe...I just came back from friend's house. Last night went out dinner with my friends and end up hang out at one of the friend's house. They drink but I don't. I just had one cup of vodka lime => I slept at 4 something and woke up at 9am then drive back while they are sleeping. Don't feel sleepy at the moment after bath. So write something first and may be without laziness I'll clean up my room =p. Very hungry now... errrr will cook something to eat later.

Today is Father's Day and why I didn't go back Seremban to celebrate? Well, is because tonight is Johnson and Yvonne wedding dinner and I have to attend. Actually I've already bought something for my dad couple weeks ago. And in fact we don't celebrate much on this day. Or may be will go out have dinner. It's been 2 weeks I didn't go back home already.

Yesterday afternoon went Karaoke with colleagues and I sang quite a lot of songs. But luckily my voice still ok. Just feel my throat pain and cough as usual...hmmm I think I've gotta start to take care my throat and cure my cough. I think I really have to move my ass to see doctor *hopefully =D* or else get some medicine from Guardian *hohoho*.