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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Busy Day

Last night I was out for more than 12 hours. Sooo tired especially after gym in the morning till afternoon. I joined 2 classes consecutively (body jam then body step). Body aching after body step. It was great but really hard time for me after stopped for long for joining this class..gosh. Planned to go for another class in the late afternoon but really cannot. Body so tired so end up cancelled it.

I went to Hartamas Shopping Centre for shopping. It is a new shopping centre in Sri Hartamas. The place ok lar...think this weekend is opening so most of the shops open. Just shop a while there and very hungry then went to Kim Gary for dinner. Got discount voucher and it is a cheap dinner hehe.

After dinner I rushed back to my house first. Need to unload the food stuffs that I bought and charge my phone. New phone gave me a lot problem lar. Hang and battery flat fast. Hopefully later have some updates to solve the problem ler. Rested a while at home then go out to Sri Hartamas Souled Out to meet community members. They are Johny, Steph, Alex, Sam, Jih Ying, Johanna, Eric and his fren Nicole.

We had great time last nite. First we had 3 jugs of beer at souled out and then because the music too loud so shift place to Breakers. We played pool for 2 hours and have beers as well. Photos taken in Sam's camera. Waiting him to send to us. We hang out from 9:30pm till 3:30am that was long rite? At the end only left me, steph, johny n sam. Me and steph don't wan go home but sam gotta leave early. So we have to stop there. haha. It was a first time I got such chance to chat with comm members for long and knowing them. Good good... hopefully in future will have more gathering like this.

Today supposingly to wake up early to go gym but I can't. So skipped one class. Later not sure wanna join later class not??? still thinking.... body so painful now wor...even walk also feel the pain. should I or shouldn't I go???


johnybravo said...

wah leg aching and sore still wanna go gym! rest lah woman....

Shirlyn said...

taken ur advice rested at home liao. today will rest as well. resume back tomorrow =D