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Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Today talked with my boss about the work I'm doing. Since gotta wait for reply from France so I can't proceed. So concentrate on another thing. He try to explain what should I do and his idea to me. He wants me understand everything first. Then plan to start to plan out whole project. He told me that don't feel upset or disappointed on my work with no progress. He already expected it and it is rely on third party so can't do much. The other thing to him to me or to anyone is new so gotta take time to learn. It is good that learn new thing together with my boss. Only him I can ask my doubts. He is going to hire new staff in my team but not so soon. So now I gotta do some ground job first.

Today feel happy when a friend told me managed to buy what I desired. It is hard to find and finally...hehehe. Felt sleepy in the afternoon. So try to download some songs that I want to listen. And also send over to my friends. Like very free hoh. Donno why no mood to read those documents lor. so sleepy..... Went to FF after work. Planned to join Body Jam then Body Step. But after jam class feel tired already. I scared my leg pain again after body step class. I don wanna walk like robot anymore =D

I felt that tonite unfortunate. I nearly accident for twice after I'm out from gym. And yes, first time see axis FF traffic jam from basement parking till out. Jam more than 15 minutes I think. Donno why lar... Went Standard Chartered Bank to pay check also gotta queue for 15 minutes. Only one cheque deposit machine available at first. Lucky later 2 more fixed and I managed to do it fast. Who knows the gal infront of me only bank in one cheque took long time! arrrggghhh just bank in cheque took me more than 20 minutes!! Feel little bad luck today.

Not finish yet...after home try to cook lunch for tomorrow. Who knows the pipe burst! ggggrrrrr make my clothes wet. Anyway still manage to cook.


cherlyn said...

Wah.. you bring lunch to office one ar? not bad wor.. hehe.. wat nice song u dl ar? from which site?

Shirlyn said...

yeah started to bring breakfast n lunch these 2 days. I used to do so in old company. but a bit tired, gotta wake up early to prepare.

MP3 download from:
chinese - http://www.baidu.com/ or http://www.9guo.com (but i think this 9guo down already)

english - http://www.emp3world.com/