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Friday, June 24, 2005


Today very tired and sleepy and moodless....*yawn* think because last night slept late. Been worked late and home late. Now still at office but no mood do work liao. Can't do it and can't think much. Waiting to go to gym later. Will join Cardio Dance at 8:30pm. Past 2 days didn't go gym but go eat eat eat...a bit guilty now and heavier so must go gym tonight although I got no mood. Must discipline myself.

Coming weekend busy on workout and appointment. Tomorrow will go gym from morning to evening (but not workout all the day...got pit stop =D). Then supposingly movie with friend but I got to meet up steph, johny and others so end up cancelled it. Looking forward for tomorrow night meet up.

Ok gotta prepare to go gym now...*sleepy eyes now*