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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Expensive Phone Bill

Yesterday my phone bill got barred for whole day. By right in the morning I paid it right after I noticed it. Who knows after paid it is still not working. So end up whole day I can't make any calls. I checked on website at night at home and then find out my bill for last month was RM360+. Out of this amount RM330+ is from SMS when I was holiday in Perth!!!! Damn...only sms cost me so much :( It costs Rm1.28 per sms. soooooooooooo expensive! Now only I know!!! Sum tong by paying this bill leh...and those sms all sent from me to my ex one when in Perth.

Advice: next time if you are oversea please make calls rather then sms.


Clement said...

Remember to use voice call rather than SMS when you are abroad. Somemore, Maxis got special rate if you dial *120* from oversea.

Shirlyn said...

Now I got it lorrrrr too late. Gotta pay the bill...heartache hehehe. Next time anything regarding maxis sure will consult u first =p