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Monday, June 27, 2005

Rest day

Today went home early to catch up some rest. No go gym due to body still aching. Will resume tomorrow. Today donno why so tired and sleepy. May be too much over the weekend gua =p. My work there not so smooth lar...pc keeps giving me network problems and difficulty to understand some of the programs. sigh...wake up wake up! gotta do something!

This afternoon got sms from Maxis. Now only tell me appreciate my sms during overseas n now the charges per sms only 20 cents. It should offer earlier so I no need pay so much on my previous bill lar...grrrrrr

Coming weekend is Maxis lauching 3G services. They got a roadshow. I'll be there to check out the services and wanted to change new plan if possible. Lately plan to get a laptop for myself. Donno which to choose....still thinking

Started from today try to make own breakfast. This morning made sandwiches and did some for colleagues. ok lar...*yawn* I'm sleepy now. Good nite lar.

Some pics taken on last saturday at souled out and breakers.....
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
beside me is steph...she is like my little sis...

My wish today: I hope all the bad lucks go away and good lucks go to steph. Wish her happy always. I'll always beside her when she needs me. Don't give up steph. Do what you feel happy to do.


johnybravo said...

wow so many photogenic pictures, hahaha. kidding kidding, you get what i mean.

Shirlyn said...

hahahaha of course I do!!! hey don simply use the word "photogenice" yoh...