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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Good Day To Sleep

This morning drizzling and I can see a rainbow on my way to work. Today go to office by Kesas. There are 3 accidents involved. I saw a Kenari got bang by ppl and it kemek terrible. I slep only 5 hours plus last night. A bit tired and sleepy today. Anyone feel free come chat with me so that I won't feel sleepy =p

This morning listened to a topic discussion from 988 radio. "Why a couple dated for years still be together even they know there are problems in between for long?" What's your opinion to this topic? If you in such situation why don't you just leave it instead suffer, sacrifies and hold in such situation for long? Is it because you feel wasted time if you let go for a long relationship? Or what other fears you face? Don't you feel that once find out not suitable then just break instead hold up for years or even for life with regrets? For me, I can't deal with the problems for long. Either solve it or leave it. I rather being happy by single instead suffer for life...


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