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Friday, June 17, 2005

Like Stranger

Just now left office at 8pm. Then rush to FF. Met BJ. She is off work for these 2 days and so lucky can see her. Thought can join cardio dance class but who knows changed to body jam class. I don't like the instructor...very lousy and a bit sissy...his way of teaching not like those more professional instructors. Nowadays lesser good instructors teach body jam. Sigh... hope future more better instructors ler.

I realised I left something important in the office and lucky someone there help me to take it. Really thanks to my new colleague =p

Just now when home met my ex at the lift and we like stranger walk passed. Well, I don't know why break off only why must make the situation such strengthen? Heard that he is leaving to some where for work... well here to wish him good luck. I do wan to be friend with him but he doesn't want. Can't help...is time gotta forget him if he wants to avoid me.

I'm tired now. But have to work. Hopefully I won't fall asleep when work ler....


coconino said...

hey it is best not to be friend. The more u interact with him now, the more u are giving him the wrong idea.

let time does its due, u guys will be ok in the future. but not now.

Shirlyn said...

yeah that's what I'm doing. I don't want contact with him at the moment in case he thought I wanted to be with him again. It is cruel but the only choice