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Friday, June 17, 2005

Not Satisfy

I'm still at office now....just now boss ask me how's my progression. I'm doing a program purpose for communication with one of the server in France. Since yesterday the problem bugging me till today. I really got no idea on how to solve it. But then in the afternoon after reading some helps and think and think...at last!! I can solve the problem and manage to run the program. But it is just a very simple program. I still need to do something in order to fulfill my boss requirement. Lucky I manage to solve it before my boss ask me. If not I donno how am I to answer.

Before solved the problem I was so depress until I cried. It is like when you face a wall that you can even go thru. I feel down and blame myself why I can't do so. I wanted to have progression at work. Wanted to do something out to prove I can. Although the problem solved but I still not satisfy at my progression. I feel weak now...need to recharge myself.

Frankly, I have no idea on what I'm doing (may be getting to know about it). I'm the only one to do it and no one did it before. So??? It is a bit hard for me. Somemore I know boss expecting me to do something...pressure pressure!!!! Besides there is a communication setting at my pc not working...argghhhh why everything can't work?? I think this weekend have to do my work at home ler....sigh.

Anyway, work is work...I still will balance myself. Later I'll go Axis FF and after that donno... will try to call someone =D. Tomorrow will have karaoke session with my new colleagues in the afternoon at Low Yat RedBox....hohoho...I'm still coughing and voice not fully recovered. Not sure can I sing or will I lost my voice again after sing??? I don't care!!! Just enjoy!


Judy Chow said...

sometimes things not right always come together, anyway when u take a deep breath and think of it..nothing is too big until u can't handle it...bare wit it and do shout out when u can't take it anymore...u will feel better aft that..relax yea!

coconino said...

hey take it easy, i hope u recover soon girl friend.