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Friday, July 01, 2005

Sports Night No Gym Night

Yesterday nite is rest day and no gym. Went for Batman Begins movie. Tonight will no go gym but will do some sports at the condo next to my office. I'll follow my colleagues for sports night tonite. Will play tennis and then swimming. Really long time no swim and not good in tennis. I wanna learn tennis and waiting someone to teach me hehehe. My colleagues they all very active and organize a lot sports activities. My company got sports club and got subsidy by company for certain sports like Badminton, Rock Climbing, Bowling, Basketball. Next Sunday we all will go for Rock Climbing at Summit Subang USJ...hehehe. Each only has to pay RM5 =p not bad hoh. Yuhooo can rock climbing again!! I want bowling also! Miss it for long. May be I'll be the one organize this activity hehehe.

Tomorrow I'll be going to Maxis 3G lauch roadshow. Try to find out the services and possible to get connect to 3G. Hope sooner there is someone can try it out with me. Tomorrow many things to do but donno can make it not. I'll wan to get a laptop and go to gym. Hope got time. May be at night go Klang for seafood...yummy yummy...

Tonight got friend ask me go Loft clubbing. Go or not go? When I feel that clubbing till late and next day I've to do so much thing make me feel tired liao =p. May be next time when I really wanna go then I'll call my this friend....heheh. Retired from clubbing...old lady already. =D But then I still enjoy having drinks with friends...do call me out if any ok?


coconino said...

hey u are getting active leh!! next time when i come back we can race on rock climbing.

Shirlyn said...

sure can can...then i should train myself more b4 u come back liao hehe