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Tuesday, July 12, 2005


I can feel that my body getting more tired since rest less for weeks. And almost everyday went for gym or outdoor sports. I should have let my body rest and get enough sleep. But yet I still degil to do so...May be been too active and can't stop myself.

Usually on Tuesday I'll just join one Body Jam class will do. But donno out of my mind I just join next class which is Body Step and it is killing.... a lot of squading and arms up n down. My arms still sore since sunday mar...hard for me. But lucky I still managed to hold myself till end of the class. It is real tired when home. But yet slept at 1am...hehee.

I think my stamina not good enough. Gotta make it back slowly. Need to push myself to join more classes or some cardios...arggghhhh tired n tired.

Furthermore, I still got few crystal orders not yet do leh...been dragging it for some time. really sorry to my customers. lucky they all my friends :p Plan to complete by this week gua if I still can get some time for it. *knock* must have lar biz important!


Clement said...

You're crazy, Fern. Human body has a limit. Overtime, if we keep overhaul it like engine, we'll need to change the parts.

I had bad experience, I broke my L1/2 disc behind spine. Hope u be extra careful next time.

See ya

Shirlyn said...

yes mom...noted hehe