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Monday, July 11, 2005

Shall We Meet

Thought of having basketball tonight but because of raining and some tired from yesterday rock climbing so end up cancelled. So I didn't bring clothes for gym and donno where to go. Although I'm tired and lots of things to do at home but still don't feel going home. Then later chat with Steph and she said lets meet up to have dinner and drink. Then I said ok let's go. We went to a new hong kong style shop at SS2 call Shall We Meet. The food and drink not bad there. Seems like good business also. Later Eric came and join us. Both of them have a topic to discuss and I'm sitting there wondering around :p Anyway I'm going off earlier to meet another friend for a while.

It was a raining night and it is best time to sleep. But I'm still outside! While driving home was like zombie or dreaming. Don't even know or remember what I did and how I drove home. haha but lucky I'm home safely.