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Sunday, July 24, 2005

No Seafood

On Saturday no gym due to Friday nite went pool till 4 plus in the morning. Need to catch up some sleeps. Afternoon went karaoke at Curve. Who knows I'm the earliest and alone sitting in a big room sing only...others came late. Hey RedBox Curve nicer with bigger rooms and better mics... 5 ppl they give like a big room...very comfortable.

Go straight meet up community friends to have seafood dinner. Who knows the restaurant burnt and it closed temporary. Bad luck to us. So went to another seafood restaurant at section 13 PJ but too many ppl gotta wait. So end up we decided to have PizzaHut at Tmn Tun. hahahahaha no seafood for us but fastfood... hmmm I thought I can skip fast food at the moment but still cant escape =( work harder again for this week...hehehee

We had great place for our pizzas...especially with friends are funny. Had great time although go one big round to get food. hehehe. It was early after dinner. So I went to a friend's house at mont kiara. We played big 2 and scrabble hahaa. Just to pass time ;)

Spent whole Sunday at home. Don't want go out anymore and I need some rest. I spent time to watch some shows and laundry jobs. Also gotta spend sometime to study on my work. At night Sam msg and one of my fren called to go yam char but don't feel go out so rejected them. Sometimes too much, too tired, I will prefer to have own time being alone do some relax things.