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Saturday, July 09, 2005


As usual went FF but this time to Curve one. Because there is master body jam going to teach. Saw a lot faces familiar who usually join this class. funny, all members come from different clubs just purposely to join this instructor class.

After gym just shop around at Curve. And dinner with friends where they came n look for me. So we just hang out around Curve area for eat n drinks n chit chat. I'm a bit tired so home quite early and need to rest early as next day going for rock climbing.

While at Curve got a call from a friend. And from her I know that my ex still staying same block as me just 3 floors down. I thought he will be moving out by end of July but disappointed me he is not...he will continue to stay here. I wish him leave from here so much as I don wan to worry everytime I'm back home. I scare he is following or waiting for me. Scare to meet him at the lift with him alone again. Scare he kacau me again...

In the middle of the sleep on Saturday there was a house phone rang for only once which woke me up. I suspected is my ex called. No one will call at 2 plus am rite? Only he can do so from my experiences.

Donno how to live here near future. Always in worry...sigh