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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Fast Food

Due to lately I had too much fast foods continuously. Getting heavier. So decided to do more workout at gym. Now change my routine where do threadmill and stepper before joining the class. Then will join 1 or 2 classes. If time allow will go steam bath to help on water retention problem on me. Besides, I'll try to eat less and try not to involve in fast food. hehehe. Will go get vege and fruits by these few days. Really need to control and work hard to reach my target. I found that lately just stuck to the weight I'm having now. Can't go down anymore. Why?

Oh yah last nite Kelvin at last join me at Axis FF liao. He is back! hahaha. Welcome back buddy. Threadmill and 2 classes last nite already make me like dead fish liao hahaha. But still I slept at 1am =p gggrrrrr can't I just sleep early??? sigh cannot lor...too many things distract me hehehehe

Hmmm tonite will go to Curve FF for Latin theme Body Jam class. Donno its fun not. will see ;)