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Sunday, July 31, 2005


Been shopping for 3 days in a row =p

First time going shopping after Mega Sales launched. Very exciting for the day comes. After work then off sharp at 6pm then fetch my girl friend and go One U shop. We had dinner and then only start shopping. Due to time limitation we only managed to shop for few shops that we wanted to go in. But yet still not satisfy. Because still got many things in my list haven't get yet hehehe. We shopped till shops closed. Until I was the last customer out from the shop..ooppps.

Because last nite not satisfy got thought of go shop again. But I've schedule to go gym on Friday nite one. But who knows I got to know that the schedule changed and the class I wanted to join no more. And one of my girl friend ask out for dinner. So since like that I'll just go for dinner and shopping!! We shopped till all shops closed again hehehe. Then we are very thirsty so went go Long Black at SS2. But just managed to sit for a while cos both of us really tired.

Thought of go to KL to fix my phone. But went out quite late and it was terric traffic jam. So detour to do bank stuffs then go to gym. Joined 2 classes as usual but not had fun because I don't like the instructors for both classes. Just force myself go in. After gym is about evening time so meet up girl friend at Hartamas Shopping Center. We had dinner there and shop a while due to there really nothing to shop and we finished early. So we changed to Curve to continue shopping. hehehe at there I bought a lot working suits only at one shop as so far we only managed to shop for one shop at Curve :p a bit geng hoh me ;) Then we thought of sit down Slippery Senoritas to have drinks as we almost die to thirst haha. But end up go to Hartamas Finnegans as got friends over there. Just had a cup of Strong Bow with Ribbena and dance a little as songs not nice from the DJ that nite. Went home quite early around 12 plus.

No more shopping but did go to a mall to get something very quickly. Then go to KL meet up friends to have dinner. Walk a while at petaling street. It is very hot and quite a lot ppl. Just walk a while then go home. I got diarrhea after back home. Don't know is because the food?? Had a little while watched tv. And finally finished the cyrstal for my friend.

I've decided to active back my biz by going to sell my barang-barang at flea market. Gonna call up to make a booking and plan for it. Hope there is a hope there. hehe


Judy Chow said...

Sunday i was there and visit those flea market...ei..i think this business can go la...just in the weekend...u can hav ur crystal sell there...since u can come out many design...from those i saw yesterday..i like urs design more...they sell those simple simple design cost a bit expensive...i fully support u in doing that...hey if u need help dun hestitate to let me know c if i can help u in anyway..wan to learn abt it also...faster get it start...very intersting in it..

Shirlyn said...

ok i'll go for it. will start next month if there is vacancy. this month i'll get ready stocks. i think i've to spend more time at home since not many stock i'm having