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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Party again after so long

Went to Cafe Flam, Sunway to have dinner and drinks. It is really been long time I got no party especially at cafe flam and with my gang of girl friends used to party together. Miss it a lot and hoping to have more funs there. But end up disappointed me. It is not like it used to be. The crowd changed and the music changed. Not the one I like. Or may be later night only got musics tat I like. Anyway, I left early compare to last time.

While having dinner by sitting outside cafe flam, suddenly a guy came to me. And it was my ex. He scared me. He said so coincident pass by and see me there. I'm not sure he really coincident or purposely. But don't care. I got friends around. Besides my gal friends I still got few colleagues and colleague's friends around.

I don't drink much. Just one bottle stout and few cups whisky. Got to know few guys from friend's friends.