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Monday, July 18, 2005

Monday Blues

Due to last weekend too much hang out it made me damn tired and sleepy on Monday. Decided not to go gym tonight. Thought of go back home early to rest. Who knows after all still went home at 10 plus even later than if I go to gym. sigh...why? why I must hang out late only go home? Why must I sleep late when got time to sleep early? I think may be that's me. Too hyperactive gua. I like to meet friends, move around, play around...although am tired. hehehee think there is a day I really knock out and can't continue to the life I'm having now. :p Try to have more funs when still young ;) *although not tat young anymore* :D

And thanks to Jimbo who company me for dinner. Had nice dinner and thanks for bringing me to new place to try out. And sorry to Clement that I too over react and too loud when talk to you. I was moodless at the night. Too stress out lately.