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Friday, July 22, 2005

Stop Eating....Workout Harder

This afernoon someone said I'm fatter already. Feel sad that my efforts not working. No matter how hard I go gym I still stuck here cannot loose any weight. Too bad..too bad. Alright, since I'm fat already so I gotta eat less now. Plan to stop going out lunch anymore. It makes me fat and guilty always. I will prepare my meal by my own with my best and time. Then go gym every night and workout more. Besides joining class, I'll do threadmill and stepper and go for steam bath. I wan to prove it that I can do it!

I feel lost when I can't do or reach my target...now my head keep thinking how and what to do to reach objectives....

I was rushing to class tonite. Join 6:20pm class and I leave office only at 6pm. Actually I already wear the top already in the morning and change pant only in the car hehehe. May be too rush to gym and may be too over...cause my middle chest pain like hell... until I cant breathe properly and stand still. It is just like something stab on ur chest. It is really painful. I got the pain until late nite. It is something like gastric pain which I don't have. Wonder why???

I went to Cheras get something from friend. That time was 9pm. Who knows it is still traffic jam there. goshhhh I was so hungry and stuck in the jam...the feeling not nice lar. Once got back home cook something to eat then only feel better.


Passion Passimon said...

Don't worry babe...you can do it!

Shirlyn said...

I hope I can. But I have to cut down seeing friends and eating outside :p hee hee which i don't think I can do so