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Friday, July 22, 2005

Prepared Lunch

Told ya I wil not go lunch anymore. So today prepared breakfast and lunch. But not sure later they will ask me out or not. But I feel like going out to Giant buy fruits. If they go Giant then I'll follow.

Sleepy now...later nite will join cardio dance at axis. then will go play pool with fren. should be another busy night hehe

Lately I found I got no mood to work. Is because I really donno how to start my work and no one I can refer to...It is really hard and I feel stressed!!! *cry* I got deadline to meet and still donno how...help help help!!!!

3:38pm - now my stomach not feeling well....since i drank the grapefruit juice I felt a lot wind in my stomach n make me painful now...arrggghhhh hope later gym time is ok ler...

Tomorrow will go to Curve FF and then sing karaoke at RedBox Curve from 3-6pm. Then will meet community group to go for seafood dinner...will be a busy weekend again...