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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Rock Climbing

Went for rock climbing with colleagues. It was great fun and am enjoyed it. It's been long time not doing it. First I joined the course although I did climb before but forgotten the basics. It is good to have a refresh. So first half an hour was practising session. Then later I tried to climb few walls. Some I managed but some half way. After few walls arm no more strength. Unable to have further challenge. Think have to come next time to complete the rest one by one.

It is really enjoy to have a big group doing it. Some will cheer u, encourage u, help u... We climbed from 1pm till almost 5pm...End up everyone so tired and arms restless and sores. Next day even worst cos everyone complaining arms pain there pain hahaha. Looking forward for second time soon.....

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coconino said...

did u wear a tube top to do rock climbing?? did it fell? hahahaha!

Shirlyn said...

it is not a tube top my gal...from the pic look like but actually it is active singlet with cross behind