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Monday, April 07, 2008

Big Fat Japanese Food

Last Saturday, after class in Pavilion. Went over to Uptown to have hair cut. Meet Daphne there. She is doing her hair also. This round I changed my hair style a bit. I just let my hairstylist, Havin do it for me. Sit down and he start cutting liao. Never say anything haha. I like. Just let the him play with my hair. According to Daphne, this round my hairstyle like jelly fish style haha...2 layers...half top round shape like that...then bottom layered. But according to Harvin, it is not deep enough to see the shape clearly right now. Wait till next round I go again and to let him do deeper then only can see. Check my pic see if u see the difference? haha I don't think so la :pAfter cut hair, me and Dahpne decided to go for japanese food. And I heard my friends recommended Umai-ya at Uptown 37 (Next to IZZI). We were so hungry until ordered so many dishes. In the end both of us were too full! haha. But I satisfied with it. Thinking to have japanese food for some time since my last one. Nothing to say but just to tell I had super FULL and delicious Jap food from there. However a bit pricy la. May be we ordered ala-carte. Let you guys guess how much the total bill after seen the pics. hehe.

Dang dang dang dang...here the food pics...careful your saliva don't drop yoh.
First served was Kani Unatama Maki (Soft Shell Crab, Tamago And Eel Wrap With Seaweed). This is delicious! I like it very much. Must try :D
Followed next was Hawaii Maguro Sushi (Tuna with Minced Mushroom). Something special. Not bad to me. Daphne said it tastes like beef.
Kaki Tofu Fried (Deep Fried Beancurd with Oyster Filling). I don't favour fried stuffs much but this tofu not bad. There are different types of tofu also...next round might try others.
Ebi Ninniku Yaki (Grilled Prawn with special sauce). Wah this prawn full with Ebi. I so like it. cos I like Ebi. hehe. Good also.
Negi Cheese (Deep Fried Chicken with Cheese And Spring Onion). Can you see it full of cheese? so sinful. again deep fried not my favour but it is still ok la. may be a bit salty. normal to me.
Sukiyaki. Recommended by friend. Myself also like sukiyaki. It tastes delicious. But I ordered chicken instead beef. Daphne don't eat beef. I believe if beef will be tastier. :D The soup sweet and taste light...just like it.
Tempura Mori (Tempura fried vege and seafood). Eh...I don't crazy for tempura one..but I think this one really taste good! The seafood and vege fresh. It is really good. One of the nicest tempura I tried.

Here you go...all the food we sapu. Until perut pun mau pecah! kakaka. But it really really taste delicious wor. Pricy but worth it. Can go again ;) Most of their dishes are good.


daphneyml said...

yummy yummy food, aiyo miss ald the ice-cream pula..

Shirlyn said...

yeah...we ate too full until forgot to order the dessert. but lucky u din order dessert first! if not no one will eat :p

Su-Yee said...

so how much for all 7 dish? gosh,you teo really very "geng".....can makan so much!

Shirlyn said...

hohoho I think after this post no guys dare to approach us. We so dai sik :p. Haiyoh tell u hoh..we ate until perut mau pecah leh. didn't know we ordered so much. May be ordering time we were too hungry!
(for guys who reading this... we r not like this usually one *wink*)

aheemmm...how much? after telling sure u all wah wah wah there! Total bill cost RM164 :p *heartache now* but really nice food. once a while ok la. cannot too often

Su-Yee said...

hey 164 is not bad. i thought its like 250 or something

Shirlyn said...

d price consider still ok for so many dishes la. some more alacarte. jap food is this price one la. if 250 i will pengsan. way too expensive.

~hushling~ said...

Wow!! really nice! And I think for 164 is not bad lor the price...yummy yummy....

Shirlyn said...

the price ok ke? hmmm u go and try. their food not bad one