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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Class Marathon

Last Sunday 30 March suppose I registered for 10KM Running Marathon. But end up not go for that marathon but I have class marathon instead. Why? Don't know why out of sudden on that day require a lot class replacements. I think may be because Ching Ming day. Many go back home town. I gotta replace 3 classes on the day oh. First time 3 back to back classes. yoh...damn tired. Morning 11:45am in Taipan BodyJam TF, Afternoon 3pm BodyStep then 4:15pm BodyJam in Y fitness. haha didn't know how I finished all the classes. I was so worry for BodyStep class because it was my very first time teaching by my own and I haven't memorized the choreography 100%. Lucky the class few members and they know I will screw up :D. hehe now Y got regulars for BodyJam. They like to do current release. Sunday was just replacement but they came for my class. so nice of them. hehe. I so like Y members. They are nice.

I survived for the marathon! hiak. So no worry for next time...I believe I can do it! hehe