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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

My Lunch

Just now went lunch with colleagues. They said duck rice mar...didn't know is going to Duck King. Really had full lunch leh. Many dishes. We went Duck King in Jaya One. First time go to Jaya One. Surprisingly it is huge place and nice environment. Many restaurants inside some more. Heard it has 30+ restaurants in there. nice nice hehe. next time can hang out there. near near :) See the pics what we had! aiyoh...my plan failed again ish ish...no more makan makan liao...kill me bah!
Oh yeah...today I am like just blogging hahaha. Suddenly got mood to blog what I wanted to sekali gus. so no mood work. I wan sleep ... the medicine make me drowsy. Not enough sleep! some more now raining even good weather. Looking forward for tonight BodyJam launch in My Fitness. First time doing the launch there.

My Fitness BodyJam 44 Launch - 2 April 2008 (Wed) 7:30pm

Currently I'm looking for job...had many interviews last 2 weeks. Especially one company got 3 times. A bit sien. How I wish now go for freelance instructor, got my own time do my biz. Still thinking....