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Monday, April 07, 2008

New BJ Slot in Y Fit

Start from this April month, I'll be doing Monday new allocated BJ class. Before the class starts it seems a lot of obstacles. First one of regular member is coming but will be late. Raymond suppose TT few tracks but he is sick today can't make it. And I don't expect will have member since it is new slot which usually people won't know about it. 10 mins before the class starts I am in the small studio. Waiting and waiting. Tapi no members come in. But when the clock at 8:15pm the members slowly walk in. Out of sudden many of them in total 15 :p. hehe more than my usual class in TF sometimes :D Unexpectedly leh. Some more except 2 regulars the rest never join body jam or never see them join my class before! Phew...a challenge. Gotta spend more time to do preview and teach the moves step by step. I did the class more than an hour. But happy to see most of them can do the moves. It's not bad leh. But I am super tired. Due to I'm still sick. Still coughing non stop especially while sleeping at night. Cause me not enough sleep and getting tired. sigh. I hate cough. It will never ending. Now trying to boil the remedy provided by a friend which said can cure long cough. Hopefully it works on me!