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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Changed New Blog Address

My blog will still remain the same but changed the address and the name. Something happened which I don't want someone able to read it either knowing the address or search by my name. Temporary this is unable to be searched. Safe for now.

Conclusion is...I wrote my thoughts and reasons on something but end up interpreted it gave impact to a party. I don't understand. The entry just a short few sentences and I don't think it is what it said. Never mind, I do what I suppose to do. Future I won't talk regarding it.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Hate to change. Cos some of my friends reading it won't know about this new address anymore :( and unable to inform them. Let it be.


SC said...

Hallo, hope you are Ok. Can I still put your link on my blog? Take care...

Shirlyn said...

can can...how u manage to find my new address? hehe

SC said...

From adrian blog lor