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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

My Gym Schedule

Start from April I will have total 7 classes per week, 5 BodyJam and 2 Cardio Wave. To someone might not many classes. But to me quite a lot already. However I want more but not BodyJam la. I prefer more BodyStep. Now I only have 1 day off which is on Sunday :( Gym life no life? But I willing and I like it. I enjoyed workout. Love what I'm doing. Can't imagine without it my life will be how bored? Nowadays I like to interact with members. Some of them are nice. My schedule so imbalance la. Too may Jam. but then I just cleared BodyStep so is hard to adjust also geh. slowly bah.

Here my schedule:
Monday - YF 8:15pm BJam (Temporary for April)
Tuesday - TF Jaya33 6:30pm BJam
Wednesday - TF Taipan 8pm Wave, 9:05 BJam
Thursday - YF 8:15pm BJam
Friday - TF Jaya33 7:30pm Wave
Saturday - TF Pavilion 2:15pm BJam

hmmm...my schedule still can be loaded if I want to. hehe. more step please. like that I no need rest...no personal life :p