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Wednesday, April 23, 2008


What did I do my last 1 and half hours?

I drove home. On the way home ta bao food for lunch. Got home call DELL for support service.

Reason why I go home - last night my Dell desktop cannot power on. Stuck at the first screen. Then this morning I try to contact Dell chat but they said better I beside the system! Then asked support service till what time. The answer is 9pm. Fine! I can't make it by 9pm la of course. Non of a day I can hope before 10:30pm ok. So decided rush home to make it done. Here why I am at home in such a short period to fix the pc. Once got home quickly call for support. Here how they guide me thru:

1. Unplug the AC Adapter from the plug. (Must unplug. off power only cannot)
2. Press the Power button and hold for 10 seconds
3. Plug the AC Adapter back and start again

dang dang! it works. No longer stuck at the DELL logo page forever. now can boot up.

OK so according to them when you restart pc it does some checking (forgotten what it is..don care)...then it just stuck there. So what I did is to discharge the power by holding 10 seconds. Phew...lucky able to solve by making call only. I so worry any hardware koyak.

Pro for purchasing Dell pc - you get support services (but limited time till 9pm only), known problems that happened to everyone (in other way everyone has problem with dell pc lah)

Con for purchasing Dell pc - easy koyak...not reliable

ok after fixed then I had my lunch then back to office within the time :D Fast or not? I'm very fast one :p

Oh the support guy so nice leh. Just now about 4+pm he called me again on my mobile to ask is the problem still exist?! wahhhh follow up service ke? Too bad I am not using my desktop. He wants to know the problem still occur? And to inform me he is leaving at 6pm so if I have the problem I can call him next morning with his direct number given to me as well! haha Got such a good service from Dell? didn't know that. Or because I have a sweet voice :p *bish* perasan saja.