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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mum Condition

Yesterday took half day off and went to NCI (Nilai Cancer Institution) visit mum. Yesterday is mum's first day doing chemo. So have to go see her to support her. Last Thursday she did a small operation to put in port in her body for chemo purposes. So yesterday they just plug in the medicine into her body thru the port. She needs to stay in hospital to complete the process for 6-7 hours. She had pain before chemo process but she gets better during the dripping process. Problem for mum is she has no appetite to eat. Can see she is shrinking. Kesian :(. Mum doesn't like to eat tasteless food...she doesn't drink much water....she doesn't like plain vege salad...she doesn't like eat fruits or fruit juice....sigh...so hard to advice her to take those healthy food since she used to have heavy taste food!

Talk about the chemo....it's bloody expensive! Doctor give us choice to choose between RM4k and RM15k. The difference is 15k one more effective. RM15k per dose ok! it last for 2 weeks. And the effectiveness vary on different patients. Some see effects after few doses...some won't get better for long term chemo process. So hopefully mum gets better after few doses *pray hard* Doctor said if finish 12 doses which currently we are afford to...if still no results then we gotta prepare for the worst :( NO I dont want till this moment! finger cross.....