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Friday, April 18, 2008


What is Wabbit? ok among our friends..but basically was from someone that dieting...this is her term. But now common to the gang. Wabbit sounds rabbit mean just eat grass la. haha. but Wabbit not so cham la..better a bit...can eat vege, fruits and meat.

So now I'm trying to wabbit as much as I can. Started last 2 weeks gua I think...but donno how many days I managed to do it? haha means I sometimes half way wabbit then night sure eat. But wabbit helps me lose some weights. I need to loose more for these 2 weeks cos my good friend's wedding coming soon. Will be one of the ji mui leh. Must look good good. Want wear nice nice dress also. Now busy searching BLUE dress as required for the theme of the day. Scratching head where to find?? any idea?

Aiyoh I tell you guys...I cannot wabbit for long la. Just last weekend I ate teppanyaki. Then following days ate even more. Rice some more! *deng deng deng* haha. I think also may be due to I got sick again. Yes...cough again since Sunday and this round worse... now still coughing once a while after taken medicine from doctor. Whenever I sick...I will crave for food one. I donno why. May be my taste bud feel no taste and my brain malfunction cannot send signal I am full :p Jong ji I need to eat la. No more wabbit for that few days.

Below is my last Friday lunch. Delicious pan mee. I went back to previous previous employer place to get back EA form then this pan mee stall just downstairs. Last time when I worked there I always eat there. Nice. And I like got more vege in it. It is located at Desa Petaling. When I bought this still think of Wabbit geh...so request more vege less mee. hehe. it is RM3.80.
Sat had teppanyaki but din take pic. Sunday dinner at Chilis. Control control control...so ordered salad...but don't look down on their salad yoh...very big big portion. Lucky more veges and it is nice (new on menu...but I've forgotten the name). So I slowly eat and manage to finish. hehe. I don't waste food...and since it is nice and just vege so finish also ok la..right? :p It will be my 2nd choice of salah in Chilis apart from Caesar Salad. I like it.
Few days ago...but actually I bought this last week. Only try to eat it few days ago. Read a lot magazines said it helps on diet. But after 2 spoons I felt *yuck* and stopped. Just throw it away. So wasted. Still got 2 more boxes in my home fridge leh. (bought 3 in a pack one). What is this?
dang dang dang dang....it is Japanese food...NATO... I dont like the taste leh. May be this frozen one not good as from the Japanese restaurant gua...looks from the pic ok...but taste no no no to me *yuck* haha
Coming Labour Day we all planned to have a break away to Melaka for nice nice food feast! Yeah...am looking forward. Can enjoy the food while having relax time. I need a break!! We already planned how many going and how many cars. Then also planned what to eat there!! geng! I think of course some of them we cant taste la. Or just share among us. Cannot eat too much...need wabbit!! else 2 days later I fat fat in friend's wedding...dont want!

Show you guys the list...wonder can all the food suck in our stomach within 1 day!
Jalan Bunga Raya, Madam Kings area
1. Popiah
2. Hee Kiaw stall
3. Fried oyster
Jalan Tengkera
4. Tai-Bak cendol
Portugese Village
5. Seafood dinner
Somewhere near chinese cemetary
6. Rojak
7. Cendol (squatting style)
Tan Kim Hock
8. Durian cendol
Jonker Street
9. Nyonya curry laksa
10.Nyonya nasi lemak

Unknown places
12.Coconut pudding
13.Satay celup


Lily Calla Lily said...

*laughs* you need more wabbit-ing power! But the Wabbit also a bit worried about the upcoming BKK and Malacca trip la ... see la if she'd survive!

Shirlyn said...

my Wabbit-ing power not as good as U!! can't resist food :p

Adrian said...

For satay celup, go to Ujong Pasir .. there's a restaurant called MoonLuck. But go early coz it's usually packed on weekends. Also in the same coffeeshop, you can try their wan tan mee ... highly recommended. :)

Shirlyn said...

we going on labour day...donno still same pack or not. but i think will. since it is holiday hoh?
wah now add on highly recommended wan tan mee...hmmmm...think of wabbit?

Tweets said...

Wabbit wabbit.....boink boink

ahhou said...


Whateva wabbit ke, diet ke...
Just press the button 'PAUSE', then just EAT EAT EAT!!!

Come back only un-'PAUSE'...Haha...

Shirlyn said...

wah..u so keng one ar..can pause n un-pause. i think tat day will eat eat eat only la...wabbit will forgotten hehe