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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Not My Night

Tonight is My Fitness BodyJam launch. I was called up by the GXC to do the launch. It was quite some time ago. Then I promised to do it lor. Then the GXC said want 3 persons. OK then it's Simone's class so Simone is one of the launch team. Then Simone ask for Tina as well. So 3 of us will be doing it. But the pay is just 2 persons fees for 3 to share. I am about not to do it but thinking since never do the launch there so just do it for once la. Hope it will be the good one. Today I suppose got 2 classes and canceled it. Give up for more pay to get lesser pay job. Not a wise choice. But just gain the experience la. But it was not a good one lor. Here I want complain a bit.

It is really not a right day for the launch. It was a heavy rain day! Terrible traffic jam. I managed to be there early but due to some reason I was rushing to the gym also. Oh yeah..before enter to the parking...the stupid parking machine can't produce the parking card! Made me half body wet because of the stupid thing. OK fine...enter the parking then collect the card from the parking counter. The ppl there said have to pay the parking there when exit...cannot use auto machine. aiyoh. so mah fan. The gym and the parking counter both at different ends. In conclusion, I had to go one end and another end with short of time...rush here n there la.

Reached gym 7:25pm. See no body! The other 2 gals not there yet also. 1 stuck in very bad jam which can't make it. 1 almost reaching. I took my time to change and enter studio but still empty. I saw some members waiting outside. Prepared everything and ready to start the class. Once Simone reached then can start liao. She was late and almost 8pm only came in. The class suppose starts at 7:30pm lor. I saw some members came in but class cant start yet and they left. sigh. The class only managed to start at 8pm. I should have do the first half first while waiting Simone. But I didn't. Eventually it is not my class. At first the GXC said wanna cancel the class leh. She said not many members wor. I will not give a damn if cancel. Purposely cancel my class came for launch!

Class managed starts at 8pm. But the GXC said till 8:30pm cos got next class and said will do re-launch next week wor! wah...we just did half class only. so we don't care do extra 15 mins. Only no do last track. Ok la...the class consider fine. But not so happening. I think my usual class in Taipan better. kaka. But according to Simone the class consider quite a lot ppl. usually 12 average but tonite got 9 ppl. Simone said no need do re-launch. If want re-launch next week I will not come again.

Overall I feel it is not a success launch. Not many members may be due to heavy rain heavy traffic jam. And may be not enough promotion. Oh yeah...one more thing I want complain. My name not in the launch schedule! damn. said forgot wor. Really pissed with all these arrangement. lousy coordination. I don't think have next time. It's not a good evening for me.

hehe...I had my Baskin ice cream to make myself feel better and it was my dinner. hehe. lucky got it...yum yum. feel better now. Will take early rest...tired day for me. tired of blogging :p break record. keke.