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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Cough Remedy

I've been coughing for days and it gets worst 2 nights ago. Bad until coughing while sleeping. Made me doesn't sleep well. Next day in office even worst...keep coughing until my colleague ask me go see doctor again. But I don't want see doctor as I finished whole bottle of cough syrup still the same. Never cure. Tried warm honey also cannot. Until yesterday got a friend told me a remedy to cure cough. She had same problem but more worse. It did help cure hers. So I just try. Went Chinese Medicines shop to get the ingredients. Only 3 things needed shown below. After boiled I took one cup. The night itself stopped coughing and I have better sleep. It really works. Next morning I drank another cup. Whole day in office not cough...may be still got 1 or 2 times. For those who got coughing problem can try it. At least it worked to me. Thank god. No need suffer.

罗汉果,密枣,沙参 (attached pic below)
Thanks you to Judy for the pic above ;)

Here how it looks like while boiling
罗汉果 (Loh Hon Gor) x 1.5,密枣 (Mat Jou) few pcs,沙参 (Sa Sum) RM2 (for 1 time boil which I did)
Just put a pot of water throw all inside and boil with big fire. until cooked then boil with small fire . You can add as much as water you needed if you think too sweet.


Su-Yee said...

hey i tried that before. otherwise, my doc did tell me once u have a cough that is won stop, she normally issue the patient a sleeping pill so you can sleep for 8 hrs without disturbance. sort of cut off the coughing process.and it works.

ahhou said...

Your best cure...

1. STOP eating ice cream
2. STOP curry-ing
3. STOP jap food
4. STOP eating ice cream
5. STOP eating ice cream

Cough no more, guaranteed.


Shirlyn said...

BLEH! stopped ice cream already mar. masih sama :p

Lemonjude said...

Glad that you are recover now :) This remedy shows that it work for many kind of cough...