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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cinnamon Coffee Shop

After read from Mindy's blog that she went to this Cinnamon Coffee Shop in OneWorld hotel which reminds me I wanted to blog about it but yet and forgotten about it. OK now is time to tell about it. The day I went was my sister's Marriage registration day. So she arranged after the ceremony we all go here to have buffet lunch. Buy on sis :D. I think that day total 16 of us, only me from my sister's side who be the witness. The rest are my bro-in-law's family members and relatives.

I was the first one arrived the coffee shop. And can see the food prepared nicely. Then I told myself I must take photos. I was placed in a nice long sofa bench and I like their decor. Nice. Let's see the pictures and I'll explain a bit.
This is the decor. Like bubbles hanging down from the ceiling. It is nice when you add on lightings. May be an idea to put in my house haha. DIY one! :p
The table settings.
Seafood - Crabs, Prawns, Mussels. and guys...beside this seafood area it is sushi + sashimi section. I basically come to these sections more often...yeah sashimi I ate the most :)
This is center table...serves with salads etc...I donno how all these call... in the end of the table got a big bowl for u to make ur own mix salad. (is it something name cold cart? donno how to spell)
BreadCheese...never touch :pChocolate fountain...niceAll sorts of desserts...
Here my dessert plate...the rest I din take photo which already in my stomach. think mostly sashimi la hehe.

They server pasta, local food, cendol & ABC as well...I think the price is RM80 but that time was buy 4 free 1 with Amex if not mistaken. so a bit cheaper.


Mun Tat said...

food again. yum yum

Shirlyn said...

haha...me always link with food one :p wai sik mui mar...
only food interesting :D

MINDY said...

Oooo...the pics are making me hungry!