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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Crazy Friday

OK it is something I want to talk about my Friday night. Average every Friday I will have basically 3 classes on that night. I find myself a bit crazy la. So tired still wan do so many classes. Siao. But sometimes when you at gym you are out of control :p OK my Friday schedule will be joining BodyStep at 6:30pm then Cardio Wave class 7:30pm. After that either will join BodyJam (if that night got some siao gang ppl joining to have fun together) or I'll do my own weights until 10pm like that. aiyoh...every night in gym spend at least 3-4 hours...siao siao...then go yum char if the gang there....

Last week I siao until accept a replacement class in Hartamas 9:20pm. So late. But I still go there from Jaya33 after BodyStep and Cardio Wave. Expected no ppl joining cos the class so late some more bodyjam not popular in hartamas. siapa tau still got 4 orang. gotta do the class. Oh yeah. before the class lucky I was there early and stand infront studio's entrance. Then I saw the instructor take out cd from a compo! deng! I only know that this studio audio system spoiled. Need cd to teach. I'm just preparing ipod but no cd. faster rush down to grab my car key and lucky my car got the latest release cd. If not I mampus. But this cd got a bit scratch. don care la... no choice anymore. I have been not teaching in Hartamas for ages. That's why don't know about it and no one reminds me.

Wonder where my energies come from. I'm so energetic until after 3 classes still can go A&W for late dinner with Jazz2DMax. haha. Hungry la. no dinner for 3 classes. Scare Jazz2DMax cos I ate a lot :p hehe *shhhhh*

Basically this is how my Friday gone with all classes. Lucky Saturday no need wake up early.