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Monday, April 07, 2008

Another Birthday Party

Last night (Sunday) went for Denni's birthday party. It was a potluck party. The dress code was red also. Just like cny feels. Many of them...I don't know or long time no see. Most of them are from FF which I'm far apart from. However thanks to Will and Dennis for the invitations. I like the condo. It's new developed. Nice view nice environment. However way too expensive for me hehe.
as usual all wear in red and nice color to take photo :D I so like it.hehe look like long time no take photo with osman...now got chance.
Roland, Raymond, Larry & meBefore we leaving...take pic with the host and birthday boy :D

To see more photos click here.


daphneyml said...

y look like CNY??? wkakaka, helo was over lah..

Shirlyn said...

no la...bcos the bday boy like red. so we all wear red la