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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Sinful Night

31st March (Monday)
I am on MC. Because I was having sore throat few days ago and fever. But then still not recover and get cough badly until I can't sleep. So decided to take a day off. Slept almost the whole day. But that night I still go for BodyStep Team Teach.

A night before me and Brian already talk about Baskin day hehe. Plan how to get it since we got class on Monday night. I suppose wanna get it in the afternoon but I was so lazy and sick so just stay at home. Decided to follow the gang (later reveal their names) go for BR Bangsar after class at 10pm. hiak.

We, Jason..Kelvan..Brian..Derek..GG..John and myself gather gather went Bangsar BR after dinner at Devi's. hiak. yoh...so many ppl queing...so crazieee...as if free ice cream like tat. We've waited quite long about 2o ppl ahead us. See how much we bought yeah...
Jason & Kelvan - 1 Quart
Derek & GG - 1 Quart
Brian - 2 Pint
John - 2 Half Galon
Me - 1 Pint 1 Half Galon

hehehe...I had my pint together with the rest...see the pic of wat flavours we had. We all so siao after classes go eat ice cream wor...so unhealthy. but I like keke. Once a while ok la. Check out the pic.
Here you see! These are the flavours we had tat night. Jamaica Almond Fudge my favourite always. hehe. As long as got almond I like :p All flavours we had are nice!My favourite with lots of almonds inside :plook yuk...but yummy taste kekekeafter we wallup all

I still have my half galon in my fridge...not open yet! hehehe. Keep it when I wanna it. Now cough cough cannot eat too much. My half galon flavour got Almond fudge, green tea and rasperry cheese. sinful sinful :p


ahhou said...

It is indeed very REFRESHING stuffin' ice creams into a empty stomach...

Jamoca Almond Fudge kicked-ass though but still...Rasperry CHEESE is the Bestest!!!

If you can't finish it, I am always ready to help... No sweat yo...

Shirlyn said...

hehe lucky i had something before the ice cream. but i can just eat it as dinner though!

U dreaming la! I have my favorite Jamoca Almond Fudge and also ur favorite Rasperry Cheese!! kakaka I'll eat it by myself. bleh. and tell u wat...I'm eating now for my dinner! kakaka hiak hiak

daphneyml said...

Wah lau, baskin!!! so many opp...

jazz2dmax said...