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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

My Lunch

Went to MOMO japanese restaurant at Centre Point, BU for lunch with a friend. Suppose wanted to go on Monday buy my friend can't make it. Jap food again. I am crazeee with jap food these few days. Spent too much on it and ate too much. But I'm satisfied! It's quite some time didn't go to MOMO for the bento. Their bento menu are nice. And according to my friend the teppanyaki better than terriyaki.
Friend ordered Chicken Terriyaki + sashimi combo set.I ordered Beef teppanyaki + sashimi combo set. Their chawan mushi so far I tried is the best. Smooth and really really nice. The beef teppanyaki delicious. The sashimi looks like not so fresh today but it was nice as well! hehe. Don't want tell how much and you guess :D Can say reasonable price for a bento.

Here gone my WABBIT plan for past few days!!! Must start it again tomorrow. MUST MUST MSUT :p p/s: hope I really can so determine like CC!