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Saturday, August 16, 2008


Friday was a long day for me. After work...taught a step class at Taipan...then rush home shower and change and make up for a girl's night out @ 7atenine. Fanny came and pick me up. Only 15 minutes to get ready!! It was rush! But I manage get ready by the then. hehe.
Lucky I don't need to drive. I was so tired and thought of don't want to go. But kind of in forcing situation have to go (yeah..fanny...u read it u know what I mean :p). Speak about drinking...it's been ages stopped for me. And also long time no drinks with fanny. It's my pleasure to go out again with her and her friends. It was all girls night. So not used to drink anymore. I just had one pint of Guiness Stout. That's it I can take. Not even half cup I already feel dizzy. But good to hang out and know new friends.
I hang out from 10pm till 3am :p oh no...lack of sleep again :D ish ish...here the pics taken with my iphone. not clear. hopefully get a better photos from new friend's camera.
The bar area
The drinking area with tables and sofas facing outside
lyn, shirlyn & fanny
we were sitting at bar while waiting fanny's philipino friends. See the guiness stouts..hehe that's what we usually have
Fanny & I...feel good hanging out with her again
with fanny's 2 philipino friends...leng lui boh?

New photo gotten from Nikki's camera.With Nikki and Karyn new friends knew on the night.